Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids Reviews


It is like a dream come true for a kid to ride on an electric car. The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids delivers on this dream. This wonderful replica of the classic Tesla lets your kid enjoy a luxurious, comfortable and safe ride. This Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids review approves it to be a great little car for children, allowing them the unique opportunity to both enjoy the car while learning cognitive and mind/hand-motor skills. This car comes with several high-end features that distinguish it from other competitor’s motorized, battery-powered kids’ cars. The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S is easy and safe to drive, has a large capacity storage and a comfy seat within to drive/sit in.

Product Specification

  • Spacious interior
  • Two speed settings: (3 or 6 MPH)
  • Easy maneuvering with high speed motor (up to 6mph)
  • Li Ion battery technology for longer run time, faster charge
  • Removable battery to charge separately
  • Forward and reverse capabilities
  • Additional storage in “frunk” (front trunk)
  • Black rims
  • LED headlights
  • Working horn
  • Parent safety lockout
  • Music player with AUX cord
  • Dimensions: 21 x 52 x 28.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 40.5 pounds
  • For Ages 3-8 yrs.

A Real Car Look

This enticing little car copies the general look and impression of the full-size Tesla. It boasts LED headlights, a working horn, MP3 Sound System and a license plate to portray the aspects of a real car. A child can easily turn on the headlights and play music using the buttons built into the dashboard. Additional premium accessories can be bought from Radio Flyer to personalize this neat little car.

Easy Driving and Smooth Maneuvering

The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S is equipped with a relatively high-speed motor (up to 6mph) that produces enough power for easy maneuvering. There are two speed options: 3 or 6 MPH, operated through a speed switch which is placed on the dashboard. The car also provides forward and reverse options. The powered black, glossy wheels/rims are another attribute of the Radio Flyer Model S making it a unique kids’ vehicle in the ride-on category of youngster’s cars.

Safe Flight Speed Battery

The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids uses an environment-friendly Flight Speed Lithium Ion Technology battery to propel this motorized car. The most striking feature of the robust battery is its long run time (almost 6-mile range) and the quicker charging time compared to traditional lead acid batteries. You can also recharge the battery like that of the full-size Tesla through the taillight port or detach and charge the battery outside of the car.

Spacious Interior/Ample Power Train/Safety Enclosure

The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S features a spacious interior allowing children from 3 to 8 years to sit comfortably. Its powerful wheels allow it to operate over most terrain and the designed high rail enclosure ensures safety to the child from accidently falling from the vehicle.

Storage Space

The Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids is designed with many features that make it a scale model of Tesla’s famous sedan. Along with luxury, it has good utility usefulness as well. Its Frunk (Front Trunk) is substantially large enough to store essential travel accessories and sports gear.